Access to Quality Pharmaceuticals is the right of Patients not a Privilege..

If we are serious in getting high quality, cost-effective medicines to Nigerians, we need to really regulate the source and the distribution channel of these drugs. We have taken charge of these concerns for our products at Famzy.

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One Solid Group

To integrate the Company and its People Into Wholesomeness and be Competitive enough to bridge the past, the present and the future with a common thread in Pharmaceuticals.

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Acknowledging and embracing social responsibility and supporting our communities through active leadership innovative partnerships and thoughtful giving.

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Famzy® is simply an exceptional place to work! We’re amongst the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in Nigeria with a wide array of products covering numerous specialties.

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Healthcare Locator

Our Healthcare Locator is the easiest and fastest way to find hospitals and Pharmacies near you and view services each provides. Search by full address,or city and state.

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Our products are sourced all over the world from very reputable pharmaceutical manufacturing companies with history of outstanding performance characterized by continually....

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We are in search of high energy individuals who can energize the workplace, are decisive, good in execution and very passionate.

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We are poised to provide novel innovative pharmaceutical solutions to cater for the health need of the Nigerian populace.

Our impeccable team comprises skilled individuals from Marketing(Pharmacists), Technical (Pharmacists), Human Resource, Information Technology and Finance

Famzy, As a pharmaceutical Company believes passionately in giving back to the communities where we work.

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