Diclaz M

Diclazide, an oral hypoglycaemic (anti- diabetic drug) classified as a Sulfonylurea. Metformin , an oral hypoglycaemic drug is classified as a Biguanide. Diclazide is recommended over Glibenclamide by BNF for managing Type 2 diabetes in elderly patients due to its lower risk of hypoglyceamia. (BNF Vol 52 Sept. 2006 pp 358 .9. Used as a first line drug of choice in the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes,in particular in obese and overweight patients and In patients with normal kidney function. MOA- Diclazide binds to K ATP channels of the cell meembrane of pancreatic beta cells, leading to increase in secretion of insulin. Metformin improves hyperglycemia primarily through its suppresion of hepatic glucose Production. (Hepatic gluconeogenesis).

Indicated for the treatment of:- Management of type 2 Diabetes mellitus adults, with or without obesity, not responding to diet restriction and exercise.

Usual dose: 1-2 tablets is administered once or twice daily with meals. Increase dosage requires a daily regime of divided doses to a maximum of 4 tablets daily.

Diclaz M enhances Insulin Release with Low Incidence of Hypoglycaemia. It decreases Oxidative Stress and Hepatic Glucose Production . It enhances Insulin Sensitivity and Glucose Utilization It causes no Weight Gain Diclaz M is tolerable and safe In Elderly(Recommended by British National Formulary) It has a Potent Antioxidant Property with Superior Antiatherogenic Effect Prevents the Manifestation Of Complications Of Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM) There is Improved Microcirculation Due To Increase Endothelial Fibrinolytic Activity Diclaz M is recommended For Long Term Use



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