Difomet is generically known as metformin hydrochloride . It is classified as an anti diabetic drug of the class of biguanides . It acts by delaying the uptake of glucose from the gastro intestinal tract. It also increases peripheral glucose utilization mediated by increasing insulin sensitivity, inhibition of increased hepatic and renal gluconeogenesis. ( It is an oral anti hyperglycemic agent). It comes as 500 mg tablets , a pack contains about 10 cards each having 10 tablets. 

Difomet is used in the management of non insulin dependent ( type 2) diabetes melitus especially in cases where there is poor dietary control , it is also indicated in over weight patients that have diabetes and also given as an adjuvant to patients with poorly controlled diabetic symptoms. The major prescribers of difomet are endocrinologists.

Adults— 500mg tabs to be taken 3 times a day, if complete control is not achieved within 2 weeks then the dose should be cautiously increased to a maximum of 3g daily and then reduced back once control has been achieved.

No risk of hypoglycemia, increased insulin sensitivity, increased advantage in obese patients as there is no risk of weight gain, gives therapeutic results in few days. Also it can be used in combination with sulphonylureas.



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