Eleron Syrup

Iron (III) Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex is a water soluble iron oxide macromolecular complex of polynuclear iron iii hydroxide and partially hydrolyzed dextrin

Indicated for the treatment of:- Iron Deficiency Anaemia Anaemia In Pregnancy Haemolytic Anaemia (Malaria, Typhoid, Worm Infestation Etc Haemorrhagic Anaemia (Blood Loss); Menstruaion, Surgery, Nephrological Disorder etc

One to two table spoon per day

Eleron is a highly efficacious heamatinic with a wide safety margin. There are no interactions with foodstuff component There are also no interactions with concomitant chelating medicaments Eleron has excellent gastrointestinal tolerance It does not stain the teeth Patients comply better with the once or twice daily dosage frequency Highly recommended in pregnancy due to Iron Deficiency Anaemia( IDA constitutes more than 90% of anaemia during pregnancy)



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